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Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild (the Guild) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Notice

Changes to the Data Protection laws effective from 25th May 2018 mean we need your agreement to continue to keep in touch with you and to continue to keep the records we keep about you.

The purpose of this statement is to advise you of some of the key points arising and to ask for your consent to allow us to keep certain records about you. Please read this carefully and contact us if you have any concerns before providing us with your consent.

Guild Records

The Guild holds some personal data about individuals, and will only process information that is necessary for the purpose for which it has been collected, principally to communicate with its members and supporters and others, such as its suppliers, in order to conduct the Guild’s day to day and ongoing business.

The Guild will never sell or share such information with any other charity or company for their marketing or commercial purposes.

We will share information when we are required to provide details to St James’s Palace in relation to Packing Week for security and access purposes. We require that they treat this data as carefully as we do, and only use it for the purposes for which it is provided.

We will share information as required by the Charity Commission; the tax office in relation to gift aid, if required by our insurers, or where we are required by law.

The Guild will use personal information in a number of other ways in order to conduct the Guild’s day to day business: –

We will provide you with information such as the AGM and Packing Week.

We will keep you informed about the work of the Guild and fundraising opportunities.

We will handle the administration of gifts or donations when received via cash, cheque, credit/debit card, standing order, or charity voucher, or via online fundraising partners such as Paypal, Just Giving or Give as you Live.

To facilitate communication within the Guild, for example, we may share your details with the Trustees , Executive Committee and Ambassadors.

To disseminate information about the Guild on the web site and on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

What Information the Guild Holds About You

Information is held by the Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild as follows:

We normally hold your name, postal and email addresses, and telephone number(s), and in some cases your  date of birth. We may hold your bank details if you use standing orders, cheques or bank transfers.

In the case of donors and of charities we support, we also hold a record of the name of their organisation/charity.

For those visiting St James’s Palace we also hold and are required to provide to the Palace their names and addresses, and in addition we may be required to provide passport numbers, dates and places of birth. Additionally, for those driving to St James’s Palace (for example to deliver and collect items) we are also required to hold and provide to the Palace your vehicle registration numbers.

In the case of Trustees, we also hold any other information as required by the Charity Commission, and/or our insurers.

We may request other information as appropriate and relevant e.g. if required for an accident or incident form, or for insurance purposes.

We may collect personal information from websites or through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google Plus or, if they raise funds from other organisations such as Paypal, Just Giving, Give as you Live or similar websites.

How long the Guild keeps your information

We will not retain your personal information for longer than is necessary for the purposes set out above, or for legal or regulatory requirements. We will delete it if we no longer need it or if you withdraw your consent for us to hold it.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Guild will treat your personal information as private and confidential and will always ensure your information remains safe and secure.

Your Rights

GDPR gives you certain rights in relation to the data the Guild holds about you, which are referred to below. You have the right to:-

Ask for a copy of the information that we hold about you;

Correct and update your information;

Ask for your information to be deleted;

Object to our use of the information provided we do not have any continuing lawful reason to continue to use and process the information;

Request that we erase your information (or restrict the use of it), provided we do not have any continuing lawful reason to continue to use and process that information;

Contact us

If you either wish to exercise the above rights and/or manage your information; or have any specific data protection concerns or complaints please contact the Guild’s Data Protection Officer, Sharon Stewart at treasurer@qmcg.org.uk.


GDPR requires the Guild to seek individual’s explicit and written consent for the Guild to hold their personal data. If an individual is content for the Guild to maintain their records they are requested to complete the consent available on the Friends Application Form on the Friend’s Page.