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How we help

A gift of new clothing or bedding gives warmth and comfort at a time of need.

New clothing and bedding

Every year QMCG sources and purchases thousands of items of brand new clothing and bedding for donation to the charities we support. These items range from underwear, nightclothes, tee shirts, tracksuits, sleeping bags and warm coats, to premature baby clothes, knitted hats, gloves, scarves and blankets.


We work with over 60 charities across the UK, though currently they are mainly in England and Scotland. We visit them regularly to find out what items of clothing or bedding they need and we try to meet those needs during the year. We sort, pack and distribute everything once a year in the autumn.

Made with Love

Most of our clothing and bedding is purchased by us, but, following the long tradition of the Guild, we also have many wonderful knitters, stitchers and crocheters all over the country who make several thousand hats, gloves, scarves, knee blankets, quilts, jumpers, premature baby clothes, toys and blankets. These beautiful items have been created with care and love – something that means a lot to those who receive them.

With your help and your donation we can give more.

“We owe such a debt of thanks for the amazing work of Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild and the dedication of all involved.  Please accept my personal thanks for the practical and outstanding work.”

Liz Puttick, London City Mission