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Who we help

QMCG makes, sources and buys new clothing, sleeping bags, bedding and towels to give to British charities. We work in partnership with these charities to see what they need most and together we support the most vulnerable people in our society; the homeless, refugees, the elderly, people with disabilities, women and children in refuges, premature babies and children in hospital, and people in hospices.


Letter written to Ronald McDonald House

“Now I am home, it is the time to get in touch and say thank you for the incredible support you were able to offer me whilst my daughter Isla was in hospital. Isla has just turned 10 months old, is doing extremely well, and loves her sleep. You gave us these lovely blankets which we still use every day, and it reminds me of the kindness in the world, where people use their time to make a positive difference for those facing difficult times. I would be very grateful if you could pass on my thanks to all those who helped during our stay, including the volunteers who knitted Isla’s comfort blanket, and patchwork mat.  Thanks again, you will all remain in our hearts.”

Isla’s mother.

“Luckily we were able to help, due to the fantastic donations we received from Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild last year. You have gotten so many people out of sticky situations with your donations, as well as providing the first teddy, blanket or outfit for new born babies.” 

Richard Francis, Ronald McDonald House