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Knit for us

QMCG has many groups of knitters, stitchers and crocheters all over the country who make many thousands of items for us. If you would like to join us in making beautiful items for those in need, please contact us. We can also let you know if there is a Friends knitting group near to you.

Click here for our list of preferred Neo Natal items 2024 

Beautiful items, hand-made with love, have always been and will continue to be a really important part of the Guild’s support for those in need and are greatly appreciated by all who receive them. 

Shona Docherty, from Tain in the Highlands of Scotland, who took over the Highland group from her mother Etta Brown who had been a president for over 30 years and was awarded the British Empire Medal for her work with the Guild.

“Come October we have the use of the Free Church Hall where we display all the knitting and invite all the knitters to see all their hard work and have a cup of tea and home baking. We then pack it all up and courtesy of my two son in laws it is distributed to the various charities we support.”

Shona Docherty, Tain