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Packing Week 2023

In just one day in October, more than 80 QMCG Volunteers  counted, sorted and allocated 8222 knitted and handmade items, 6517 new donated items and 22,866 pieces of manufactured clothing and bed linen in the lovely surroundings of St James’s Palace.

The Treasurer, Secretary and key people worked so hard in the run up to our two days at the Palace to ensure that each charity received the types of clothing that they had requested and really need. The volunteer team proved that we can handle 37,599 items of clothing with care and respect and can get them distributed to 39 UK charities in an incredibly short turnaround timetable.

The knitted and stitched items were so beautiful, handmade with love, and have now gone to those charities who requested and need knitted and sewn items.

During the View Day many of the guests and visitors could see what it is QMCG does and how this charity achieves its aim of donating  new and hand made clothes and bed linen to a range of charities to help those in need. In the afternoon of the second day  37,599 items were collected by many happy van drivers,  their vehicles filled to the gills with lovely new clothes for their charity and their clients.

Thanks to many volunteers, QMCG have been able to help so many people in need this coming winter, as it has done for 142 years.


“On behalf of all of us here – especially the homeless people we see every day – A huge THANK YOU to you and everyone who made it all possible. The donations were incredible and are already flying off the shelves to the people who need them most. We just could not do what we do without QMCG and we are so very grateful.”

The Upper Room, Central London


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