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QMCG 140th Anniversary Gala Dinner, November 2022

I am delighted to report that Goldsmiths’ Hall was a brilliant –  literally! –  venue for our successful fundraising Gala Dinner on Tuesday 22nd November.  The beautiful dining hall was lit by shimmering glass chandeliers with real candles, which added to the special atmosphere of the glamorous evening. The Silent Auction with wonderful prizes so kindly donated by many Guild Friends and supporters, the Executive Committee and Trustees, had bids coming in when it opened a few days earlier and on the evening it created a buzz, with bids coming in until the very last minute. The two Pearly Queens from Greenwich and Woolwich enjoyed meeting the 143 guests as they arrived and kindly posed  for  photographs, and later we watched with growing excitement as the Pearly Queen of Saint James’s Palace, created by artist Ann Carrington and donated to QMCG, was auctioned live!

I am so pleased and proud to be able to announce that the event raised about £40,000 – an amazing achievement as part of QMCG’s 140th anniversary celebrations.

Ruth Briant

Executive Chair, QMCG

Goldsmiths’ Hall

Artist Ann Carrington with the Pearly Queen’s of Woolwich & Greenwich along with Pearly Queen of St James’s artwork that was auctioned that evening

Photo credit: Adrian Myers

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